Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oh Mikey!

While the President's Supreme Court nods have gotten all the attention of late, two noteworthy news items managed to fly under the radar in the past week.

In a shocking bit of profundity, Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt stated this week that "America has a drinking problem." That's about as a big an understatement as saying "Michael Bloomberg will win re-election next Tuesday." But now that I know we are a sodden nation, we can surely get to work fixing that. After we have a drink.

Meanwhile, the government released Brownie's emails, which really only go to demonstrate that you should never, ever put anything into an email. While lots of poor black people were drowning in New Orleans or dying of heat exhaustion in the Superdome, Mr. International Arabian Horse was bragging about how hot he thought he looked in his Nordstrom duds to his PR folks. I don't know what's worse: his complete lack of competence and compassion, or that he actually thought this outfit looked good.


Blogger John Wiklund said...

Glad to see you finally upgraded to blogspot!

On the morning of Aug 29, as Katrina was inundadating N.O, Brownie found it necessary to say "I am a fashion God." Nice to know Bush thought Brownie was "doing one heck of a job." I feel so much safer now.

5:56 AM  

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